Unused Back to the Future 2 concept art reveals more sci-fi weirdness from alt-2015

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Jan 12, 2015, 5:23 PM EST

Though we’re still really focused on getting our own pair of those mythical Nike Air Mag shoes, the 2015 glimpsed in Back to the Future II almost featured a whole lot more alt-future weirdness.

To coincide with real time finally reaching the 1989 film’s mythical far future of 2015, some vintage concept art from the production has surfaced to show even more designs that didn’t make the cut. The film is the epitome of the 1980s vision of the future, and this concept art just hits that point home.

Tim Flattery, a veteran concept artist who helped create that world, chatted with Newsweek about the experience and the legacy of the film. Looking back, Flattery said there’s really one emotion that stays with him — terror. Not only the fear that they'd get everything so wrong they’d look like idiots, but also anxiety over creating all that fake future tech and making it work:

“I was petrified. I was scared shitless. Whenever you design and build stuff like that from the ground up, something’s going to go wrong on set. It always does. There's all sorts of stories about things that happened with the police car.”

With [screenwriter] Bob Gale and Bob Zemeckis, they wanted a future that made those things they dreamt of as kids attainable, like flying cars. There's always going to be an entertainment factor that goes into what you're designing. [But] no matter what, you're designing to support the story. And you're designing to support the director's vision. Those things are most important.”

Check out some of the cooler pieces of concept art below. We freaking love it. This is the world we want to live in, people.

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