Unused Clone Wars concept art reveals future seasons that could've been

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Mar 12, 2014

Though “The Lost Missions” recently arrived on Netflix to give fans a bit of closure, the producers behind Star Wars: Clone Wars had planned a few more seasons before Disney pulled the plug in favor of Star Wars: Rebels.

Luckily for us, Clone Wars producer Dave Filoni has been kind enough to reveal some of the concept art that had been developed at some recent writers’ conference events. The art is a fascinating peek at what could’ve been, and also includes some major reveals that were in the works that would've shocked fans.

Here’s an excerpt from Filoni’s intro:

“Growing up a Star Wars fan I dreamed of what the Clone Wars were like, but I never dared dream I would be lucky enough to be a part of the telling of these stories, with some of the most creative and talented people I have ever known…As a small token of thanks for all your support, I thought you might enjoy seeing some of my sketches from one of our last Clone Wars writer’s conferences. I love theories, and I am sure you will have many after seeing these images.”

While we weren’t able to tell every story in the Clone Wars era, there is plenty to look forward to. Every day there are amazing new Star Wars stories being developed here at Lucasfilm. I guess my intention here is to encourage you all to dream, to imagine, not just what these stories might have been, but what the possibilities are for other new stories which have never been told before. And maybe the person who tells those stories will be you. I hope you have enjoyed what was, and what yet might be, a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away…”

Oh, and about that "spoiler" that isn’t really a spoiler anymore, now that the show is canceled? “Yes, Echo is alive,” Filoni writes. Boom.

(Via Star Wars Blog)

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