Unused Man of Steel concept art shows VERY different Zod designs

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Apr 29, 2019, 6:26 AM EDT (Updated)

By trying to reboot Superman, and launch a unified DC universe in the process, the design decisions Zack Snyder made with Man of Steel could have a lasting impact for years. So, want to see the robo-style Zod that was considered at some point during development?

Concept artist Ed Natividad (Amazing Spider-Man, Oblivion) has released some early drawings he developed for Man of Steel, which shows off some very different ideas for Zod’s (Michael Shannon) Kryptonian armor. 

Turns out it almost looked a whole lot more robotic, with a dash of Dark Knight Rises’ Bane mask thrown in on a few designs. There are also some shades of Halo around the corners, as well.

Very interesting to see some of the designs considered early in the process, and how differently this could’ve turned out.

(Via Comic Book Movie)