Unused Trek 2 prop designs reveal alien civilization cut from script

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Sep 17, 2013

You know that opening chase scene on the alien planet in Star Trek Into Darkness? Apparently it was supposed to be a whole lot bigger.

Concept artist John Eaves has revealed some new sketches from J.J. Abrams’ latest Trek sequel, and dropped some knowledge about how that opening changed during the development of the film.

Apparently the opening on the alien world (which is a catalyst for a lot of the narrative with the young Enterprise crew) was originally conceived as a much larger segment. So Eaves was commissioned to develop some designs for the alien civilization. From spears and weapons to weird saddles, he did a lot of work that wound up on the cutting-room floor.

Another cool tidbit? He also designed the badass phasers used by the crew of the U.S.S. Vengeance. Check out Eaves’ explanation of the designs below: 

“As time went on, script changes started coming in and the grand alien nation and village shrunk in size drastically to fit budget constraints. By the time the film came out there was not much more than a chase scene through the jungle and the interior of a massive volcano. A great deal of the props we designed also got the axe and very few got any screen time. As in any art department, the process is design away like there is no limit and then, as budgets start to be put in place, the art is toned down by leaps and bounds.”

(Via Comic Book Movie)

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