12 Hunger Games concept pics show 'Muttations' that never were

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Dec 17, 2012

Thanks to one of the artists who worked on The Hunger Games, we now have a look at the original designs for the "muttations"—the dastardly creatures that chase Katniss at the end of the film—and the original concepts are way cooler than what made it to the screen.

Artist Ian Joyner, with Joyner Designs, posted a gallery of his original drawings from the development of the hit Hunger Games film, based on Suzanne Collins' book of the same name. His drawings are pretty awesome, evoking the dark, gnarly descriptions showcased in the book.

"Tasked with designing the 'muttations', the idea was that these creatures were the fallen children brought back as horrible mockeries of themselves, forcing the survivors to deal with old friends and foes in a whole new way," Joyner wrote on his website. "Here is just a small sample of the work I did on the film, from the very first pitch to the 'final' design. Sadly, it appears they've changed the designs pretty drastically later in film production."

The pics are a fascinating window into the film's progression, and it's interesting to see how Joyner's drawings were toned down for the movie version.

(Joyner Designs via io9)