Upcoming Firefly novels from Titan Books expand canon with new stories

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Feb 9, 2018, 9:48 AM EST

It's not Firefly Day quite yet but we've got some great news for all of the Browncoats out there: a new series of Firefly canonical novels will begin hitting shelves later this year.

The new series of Firefly-universe novels are coming from Titan Books and Twentieth Century Fox Consumer Products with Joss Whedon signed on as consulting editor. The tie-in books "will explore a different avenue of the original series universe and history"—all within the official canon.

The first three titles announced will each be penned by a New York Times best-selling author and focus on an original character. Firefly: Big Damn Hero (October 2018) by Nancy Holder will follow Captain Malcolm Reynolds after he is kidnapped, Firefly: The Magnificent Nine (March 2019) by James Lovegrove follows Jayne after he receives a distress call, and Firefly: Generations (October 2019) by Tim Lebbon follows River Tam after an important discovery.

Joss Whedon's short-run cult TV series Firefly starring Nathan Fillion as Malcolm Reynolds, captain of the Serenity spaceship, aired only 14 episodes from 2002-03 but since it's abrupt cancellation, the fervor for more Firefly-related content has only increased. In 2005, there was the follow-up film Serenity which provided more closure after the cancellation as the crew took on a savage race of Reavers leaving Wash dead and River taking over as Mal's co-pilot. There have also been several comic book series which told stories of the characters both before and during their time on the ship. The most recent being a six-issue series from Dark Horse Comics called No Power in the 'Verse which was released in 2017 and followed the crew of the Serenity as they embark on a rescue mission on the Outer Rim.

It's unsure exactly where the new novels will fall within canon but get excited to see more adventures of the Serenity crew.

Firefly: Big Damn Hero will be available October 2018.

(via EW)

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