UPDATE: Petition to see Zack Snyder 'director's cut' of Justice League breaks 130,000 signatures

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Mar 26, 2021, 8:00 PM EDT (Updated)

UPDATE: As of 11/25/2017 there are now more than 132,000 signatures for this petition. Want to contribute? Keep reading!

Now that Justice League is meeting resistance with both critics and audiences, a motion has been launched to see a cut of the film that probably doesn't exist.

As we write this, the opening weekend box office for Justice League in North America stands at $96 million (final figures will be available Monday) -- unquestionably a disappointment for the studio (Warner Bros./DC) and the lowest gross for a DC-based movie since Green Lantern in 2011 (which was not part of the current DC film universe).

The film has also scored a paltry 40% "Rotten" rating on Rotten Tomatoes -- better than the meager critical scores afforded Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (27%) and Suicide Squad (26%) but far below Man of Steel (55%) and Wonder Woman (92%). Audiences have been kinder on Cinemascore, giving it a "B" rating, but they're still not coming out in the droves that Warner Bros. hoped for.

Critics have laid a lot of the blame on how the film was put together, with Joss Whedon rewriting and reshooting anywhere from (depending on the source) 20% to 80% of the finished film after Zack Snyder was unable to complete it due to a family tragedy, and with the studio mandating a strict two-hour running time after Batman v Superman ran 151 minutes.

With all that as context, The Wrap reports that a clutch of DC fans have launched a petition asking Warner Bros. to release Snyder's "director's cut" of the film on home video, complete with all the footage he shot and with the original score by Tom Holkenborg (Junkie XL), which was replaced by music from Danny Elfman for the current version of the film.

But here's the thing: Such a cut probably doesn't exist. While Snyder may have completed a rough assembly of footage and there are scenes that certainly exist that are not in the movie now (some of which you can glimpse in the various trailers), Snyder likely did not get far enough into post-production to put together what would be called a "director's cut" of the film. For all we know, some or all of the footage not currently in the movie (which we've heard could amount to as much as 45 minutes) might not have made it into Snyder's cut either.

The petition was launched by a fan from San Juan, Puerto Rico, named Roberto Mata, and has collected more than 39,000 signatures as of this writing. You can read and, if you wish, sign it here.

What's odd about all this is that a lot of DC fans were not happy with Snyder's unfiltered vision on either Man of Steel or Batman v Superman. Do you think he could have gotten it right with Justice League and that there's a cut of the film we haven't seen that could arguably be better than the film that is out now?

This story has been updated with additional reporting.