Update: Shannon Malloy

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Jun 25, 2007

It's not often I get to post a good news follow-up to an earlier story. Regular BABloggees will no doubt remember the saga of Shannon Malloy, a young woman who was in a nasty car accident which nearly killed her. Her harrowing story was written up in a local newspaper, and I took some exception to the article's reliance on superstition.

A relatively nasty dust-up followed as peoples' emotions flared. Shannon herself as well as her friends and family got involved. I took some time to think through the situation, and decided to apologize, post a followup (which got a modicum of attention), and then, in an effort to turn a negative into a positive, set up a donation button on the blog here to collect money for Shannon's extremely expensive recuperation.

This all happened in May, but with my move to Colorado, I couldn't pursue this until my bank account got set up, I got PayPal to acknowledge I had moved, blah blah blah. But anyway, it's now all done. I tallied up the donations, and I am very, very pleased to announce that $2250 has been sent to the Shannon Malloy Recovery Fund!

I'm still a little embarrassed about the whole situation, but I'm also incredibly uplifted to see so many people take the time to toss in a few bucks to help Shannon out. I'm very proud of my readers. Ya done good.

I just discovered Shannon has a blog, where we can all keep track of her progress, too.

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