U.S. version of acclaimed British sci-fi anthology Black Mirror in the works

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Jan 29, 2015, 6:01 PM EST

Though the series has actually been on the air for more than three years, the British sci-fi anthology Black Mirror only recently became a breakout hit (in the States) after it showed up on Netflix. Now a U.S. adaptation is in the works.

The studio behind the series, Endemol Shine North America, has revealed that development is underway to bring a native version of the super-smart near-future show to a U.S. network. The U.K. original airs on Channel 4, and Netflix has the U.S. rights for the British version. The Twilight Zone-esque series is basically full of freaky near-future tales about how technology affects (and sometimes ruins) our lives.

No word yet on where the adaptation might land, but heck, you’d think it’d be an interesting addition just about anywhere. Netflix already has a relationship established, but Black Mirror could also fit anywhere from FX to Syfy or HBO brand-wise. Considering the buzz, you’d have to think someone would want to jump at this one and at least give it a shot.

Regardless, here’s hoping they keep the original series’ approach of using a brand-new cast and setting for each episode. It’s helped attract A-listers like Jon Hamm to the flagship series, and you’d think the idea would translate well across the pond. Also of note: Stephen King is a fan, and Robert Downey Jr. likes the original series so much he optioned the episode “The Entire History of You” to develop as a feature film.

We’re extremely psyched to hear Black Mirror might get a chance at a much bigger audience, and since the original studio is involved in adapting the format, hopefully they’ll be able to retain a lot of the charm. This is one of the most daring shows on television these days, and some U.S. network could definitely use this brand of near-future weirdness.

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(Via Variety)