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Amazon's 'Utopia' drops fans into its twisty comic conspiracy with new trailer, September release

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Aug 18, 2020, 11:03 AM EDT

The long-coming American adaptation of Utopia is finally hitting Amazon thanks to showrunner Gillian Flynn. The Gone Girl scribe is bringing the comic-focused conspiracy thriller stateside after it fell apart at HBO under David Fincher. Now the show — which stars Sasha Lane, Rainn Wilson, Dan Byrd, Ashleigh LaThrop, and John Cusack — is getting ready to put its geeks through their paces with its first official trailer after dropping a first teaser at Comic-Con@Home.

A vast shadowy network is after a rare underground comic ("Utopia" the sequel to "Dystopia") that somehow seems to predict all their sinister plans for the future and they'll take down anyone that gets in their way. It all starts at Fringe Con, a fake gathering of comic nerds showcased in the show's first trailer, where a group of geeks have begun unravelling the underground book's true message — and its unfortunate real-world connection to a viral pandemic.

Check it out:

Remember comic conventions? Cosplay? At least it wasn't as anxiety-ridden as this. Cusack's spooky biotech mogul asks what people have done to earn their place "in this crowded world," just as "It's the End of the World as We Know It (And I Feel Fine)" kicks off, which could only ever be a bad thing.

Violence and dark humor; explosions and punchlines - that's Flynn's bread and butter. So when Wilson's character says, "None. None evil" is necessary to do good...well, fans get a snippet of the tones the show will balance on its way to save (or destroy) the world.

All eight episodes of Utopia hit Amazon on Sept. 25.