V debuts with MASSIVE ratings

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Dec 14, 2012, 4:09 PM EST

V became the highest rated sci-fi premiere of the new fall TV season after 13.9 million people watched the pilot episode last night, according to preliminary ratings. That number is still subject to some change, but it looks likely that this will be the biggest show to debut at 8 p.m. since another ABC sci-fi series, Lost.

To put that in perspective, FlashForward was (until now) considered the hit of the season after 12.4 million people watched its first episode. The ratings for V are likely to grow substantially once DVR viewership is added in, since sci-fi shows tend to benefit (or suffer?) most from DVR viewing.

For instance, the FlashForward premiere added nearly 2 million viewers after DVR viewing was accounted for. ABC had planned to give V an indeterminate break after running just the first four episodes, but this will likely make them determine a return date ASAP, which is good news for those who liked the show.