V week 2 drops 29% -- where'd all the viewers go?

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Dec 14, 2012, 4:09 PM EST

Last night's second episode of ABC's alien-invasion series V saw its viewership drop off dramatically—on the order of 29 percent—from its premiere a week earlier, which drew a massive audience of 13.9 million viewers.

So where'd they all go?

Here's The Hollywood Reporter's take on it in its Live Feed blog:

After last week's record-setting premiere, ABC's "V" was destined to drop in the ratings for episode two.

Driven by 1980s nostalgia and plenty of marketing, viewer curiosity ran high for the debut—a pattern we've seen in recent years for network remakes of "Knight Rider," "90210" and "American Gladiators." Tuesday night's decline, therefore, was not exactly surprising ... yet it was pretty steep.

The second "V" hour was seen by 10.6 million viewers and drew a 3.7 preliminary rating among adults 18-49, down 29% from last week. That's the largest fall from a premiere we've seen for a scripted show this season.

In the second episode, "There Is No Normal Anymore," Erica (Elizabeth Mitchell) discovers that Jack (Joel Gretsch) is a priest, and he finds out she works for the FBI; Tyler (Logan Huffman) gets a shiny new blue jacket; we see some great closeups of the lovely Laura Vandervoort; Ryan (Morris Chestnut) has a sore arm; we glimpse Anna (Morena Baccarin) in a kimono; and not a heck of a lot else happens.

The episode was beaten by an episode of NCIS: Los Angeles. Yeesh.

But don't write off V just yet: The second-episode audience is still pretty good for a new show, and if it maintains that audience, it will survive and even thrive. And let's not forget that the early numbers don't include DVR viewership, which tends to bump up the numbers for sci-fi shows such as FlashForward and Dollhouse.

What do you think? Will you keep watching?

V will air two more original episodes this month before taking a long winter's break, returning (hopefully) in the spring.