V will reveal more spaceship! Lizard skin! Anna's true face!

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Dec 14, 2012, 4:09 PM EST

You'll see a lot more of the Visitors' mother ship—and a lot more of their true alien selves—when ABC's V finally returns on March 30.

Andrew Orloff, executive creative director/visual-effects supervisor for Zoic Studios, the visual-effects team behind V's spaceships and aliens, revealed his studio's work on the upcoming episodes. (Spoilers ahead!)

"It's just more," Orloff said in an exclusive interview Sunday in Century City, Calif., at the Visual Effects Society awards, where Zoic was nominated for its work. "If you're a fan of the show, you see the engine room of the ship in the last episode. We'll keep continuing to open up and explore different rooms and parts of the ship that'll be, I think, interesting for the viewers. It'll drive the story forward, and for us, ... since the entire interior of the ship is virtual, that means more visual effects work for us, for sure."

The Zoic team will also be responsible for revealing the new version of the Visitors' lizard-like skin under their human forms. So far, we've seen hints under Ryan Nichols (Morris Chestnut)'s arm, as well as the eye and the back of Dale Maddox's (Alan Tudyk) skull. Lizard makeup is part prosthetic effects, but Zoic makes it gooier than it was in the '80s original.

"[We're] definitely getting more into the Vs and what's underneath the skin, what's kind of hinted at in the first four episodes," Orloff continued. "We're going to be covering that a little bit more. It always has been a combination between prosthetic makeup and CG. So it's a prosthetic makeup effect that's enhanced by computer-generated pieces of bits of goopy, gory stuff. You're going to see more."

Anna (Morena Baccarin) will also reveal more of her true self. "There will be some surprises about Morena and Anna and a little bit more reveal of what her true self looks like, for sure," Orloff said.

Not only will Zoic bring V viewers new effects on the Visitor's ships and under their skin, it'll also keep improving the effects we've seen. By the end of the season, the design of the hovering spaceships will evolve from the premiere.

"A show like V, we design the spaceships up front, we're always refining them, but we really do get a chance to work on that same asset week after week after week," Orloff said. "We've always done that at Zoic. We're really conscientious that we build that asset in the pilot, and we use that and amortize it over the rest of the show, but we always are looking for ways to make it look more realistic, better, more detailed, explore a different part of it. So, yeah, we're always upgrading."

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