Vader, Freddy and 4 more villains recast as creepy senior citizens

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Dec 16, 2012

Movie villains are often so much larger than life that it's hard to imagine them doing something so mundane as aging. We can't really picture Darth Vader or Michael Myers getting to the point that they take on the same mannerisms as our grandparents, but thanks to photographer Federico Chiesa, we don't have to. He's done it for us.

These images are part of a series by Chiesa titled "Horror Vacui," Latin for "fear of empty space." The idea was to take classic '80s movie villains and re-imagine them as if they were living their lives normally today. Chiesa teamed with Italian makeup artist and stylist Carolina Trotta to create the images, and as you can see, the results are an unnerving mixture of comic and creepy.

On the comic side, you've got Vader, nestled in his easy chair in front of his TV, hot water bottle and blanket on his lap. And then there's Myers, still in that mechanic's jumpsuit, shuffling with his walker down the hall of a hospital.

And then there's the creepy side, dominated by those two dead girls from The Shining. They're all grown up now, just two old gals trying to get some grocery shopping done, but their affinity for powder blue dresses, hand-holding and creepy stares has not diminished. Then there's Freddy, sitting quietly at his kitchen table with a glass of cheap wine and a cigarette. We can't see his face, but you get the impression that he's waiting for something ...

Here's hoping Chiesa continues this series with other '80s movie villains. We'd love to see what he does with the Alien queen.

(PetaPixel via Behance)