Rai gives readers a history lesson in new Valiant Comics one-shot

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Apr 27, 2017, 2:05 PM EDT (Updated)

It seems like this is a year full of historic occasions in comics. There are projects celebrating what would have been the 100th years of Jack Kirby and Will Eisner, Image Comics is putting out special variants every month to celebrate their 25th anniversary, and Detective Comics became an octogenarian.

Well Valiant Entertainment is also getting in on the historical celebrations with a series of one-shots celebrating a quarter-century of their shared universe of characters. The one-shots will be framed after classic Valiant tales and have an eye toward its long and rich history. We already told you about the first one-shot, starring the Immortal Brothers, coming in April, which will be followed by Eternal Warrior: Awakening in May, and now we have all the details on June's one-shot!

Rai: The History of the Valiant Universe stars the company's oldest original creation in a tale that will ambitiously cover thousands of years of Valiant Universe history, from prehistoric times up to Rai's home era of 4001 A.D. Rai will discover an ancient tome packed with the history of Valiant's civilizations and heroes, and their rise and fall. It will feature the history of such heroes as X-O Manowar, Bloodshot, Faith and Divinity and promises "untold revelations" for the past and future of many of the fan-favorite characters.

The issue will be written by A&A: The Adventures of Archer and Armstrong scribe Rafer Roberts and drawn by Faith's Francis Portela, with the story inspired by 1992's Rai #0, which outlined the original Valiant Universe's history for the first time and featured the first appearance of Bloodshot. Covers for the issue will be illustrated by Valiant mainstays Robert Gill and Clayton Henry, Jeffrey Veregge (Red Wolf) and Rai and 4001 A.D. artist Clayton Crain (cover pictured below).

Rai is one of the most interesting and visual striking characters in Valiant's roster, and the set-up for the story sounds like a brilliant way to introduce new readers to their world, so if you haven't given Valiant a shot, this looks like the perfect place to jump on board. Rai: The History of the Valiant Universe will arrive in stores on June 14.

(via Multiversity)