Valiant teases Divinity III: Stalinverse and Cat Cosplay

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Oct 8, 2016, 3:59 PM EDT (Updated)

This year Valiant is following up a host of Harvey Award nominations with some of the most exciting news in comics at New York Comic Con. Faith is going to extend her incredible run with a presidential issue that includes her meeting Hillary Clinton before eventually joining the Harbinger: Renegades to fight a new villain, who can predict the future using algorithms. If that doesn't make you excited, the writer of Archer and Armstrong helming the project, Rafer Roberts, should get any fan standing up and clapping.

Also Valiant teased the third Divinity, a Stalinverse where the world turns Soviet, written by Matt Kindt, and an awesome-looking Bloodshot USA arc in which Bloodshot, Ninjak and company try to save New York as its citizens are quickly becoming nanotech warriors like Bloodshot himself. Lastly, Valiant teased their latest hit Brittania, a story of the first detective in history in ancient Rome, and the new Savage, which Valiant teased with some pretty awesome dinosaur fights. They ended the panel with adorable cat cosplay covers with cats that not only donned wigs and armor but also the personality of the characters. It should be an excellent year of Valiant, with a lot of exciting comics to come.

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