Vampires + Nazis + Uwe Boll = so bad it's good?

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Dec 14, 2012, 4:09 PM EST

Last time we checked in with worst director in the world Uwe Boll, he was trying to fight critics in a boxing ring, but now we find out he's directing a new installment in his horrible video-game-inspired vampire movie series called BloodRayne: The Third Reich, and it sounds so bad it might be good.

Our pals at Bloody-Disgusting have scored some new pics from the upcoming movie. Here's their description:

"After we've already seen her kick ass in 17th century Romania, as well as the Wild West of America, the film's protagonist, Rayne, has now wound up in Europe during WWII. There she's got to give hell to a bunch of ruthless Nazis lead by the infamous Dr. Mengele, who's made the sinister plan to give his beloved Führer immortality by turning him into a so-called dhampir (a crossbreed between human and vampire) through the injection of some Rayne's blood."

So he went there: vampires, dhampirs, Dr. Mengele, Nazis, tight leather bustiers, the works, in a thoughtful rumination on the horrors of war, a la Ilsa, She Wolf of the SS. How can we refuse?

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