The Van Helsing series cast explain their big twists on vampire mythology

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Aug 4, 2016

Ever since Bram Stoker invented Abraham Van Helsing in his 1897 novel, Dracula, the character has been portrayed as a man. Originally described as a scientist and metaphysician in the book, Van Helsing has since morphed in various media representations as more of a professional, badass vampire hunter who plays a major role in felling Count Drac. From Peter Cushing in the Hammer Dracula films to Hugh Jackman in 2004's Van Helsing, he has always been the dude with the stakes who knows how to use them.

Considering it's been 119 years of the same old, it's about time Van Helsing was infused with some very new blood. Luckily, audiences will get that in the near future when the character is re-interpreted as Vanessa Van Helsing in the upcoming Van Helsing Syfy TV series debuting  Friday, Sept. 23, at 10/9c.

Aside from the gender swap, Van Helsing the series features acclaimed playwright and director Neil LaBute (Wicker Man, In the Company of Men) as its showrunner, giving the adaptation some serious dramatic chops from the get-go.

At San Diego Comic-Con, we got executive producers Chad Oakes & Mike Frislev, and series lead Kelly Overton and her co-stars Jonathan Scarfe and Christopher Heyerdahl to explain how this Van Helsing even came to be and what makes it a very different vampire drama. 


The cast and executive producers of Syfy's new Van Helsing television series explain their twist on the character. 

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