Venom film adding Jenny Slate to already powerful cast

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Oct 3, 2017, 8:15 PM EDT

Jenny Slate is close to joining the cast of Venom, the Tom Hardy-starring Spider-verse film from Sony Pictures, Variety reports. The actress will play a scientist in the film, meaning she could be involved in the discovery or development of the goo that becomes the Venom suit.

If negotiations are finalized, she'll join Hardy, Michelle Williams, and Riz Ahmed in what's quickly becoming a powerful cast for the Ruben Fleischer-helmed movie, the first in a new series of Spider-Man-adjacent stories. In these films, including Venom and an in-development Silver and Black (Silver Sable and Black Cat) movie, Spider-Man won't be in the movies, though his presence may be felt.

Depending on the lore, Venom has come either from outer space -- an alien symbiote that bonded first with Spider-Man before joining with Eddie Brock (Hardy's character) to fuel his life as either a villain or anti-hero -- or was a power suit developed by scientists (often including relatives of Parker and/or Brock) that has unintended consequences. The character appeared on screen two reboots ago in Spider-Man 3.

Carnage, another suit that was "born" from Venom and bonded to serial killer Cletus Kasady, is rumored to be the villain of the film.

Slate has made a name for herself in both live-action and voice acting, from TV like Parks and Rec, Comrade Detective, and Star vs. the Forces of Evil, to film like The LEGO Batman Movie (as Harley Quinn), Gifted, Aardvark, and Despicable Me 3.