Venom gets two crossovers with Amazing Spider-Man, X-Men: Blue

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Oct 6, 2017, 4:00 PM EDT

Marvel Comics is sending Venom out into the Marvel Universe for two new crossovers, the publisher announced at Friday's Spider-Man panel at New York Comic Con. The Lethal Protector will be meeting characters he knows well, and characters that are surprising additions to his list of reluctant allies.

The first, launching in December, is called "Venom, Inc." and will play out in the pages of Venom and Amazing Spider-Man.

"Got any Eddie Brock Venom fans out there?" writer Dan Slott asked fans to applause. "But do any of you miss Flash Thompson Venom?" he asked to similar applause. Well, both characters will be in "Venom, Inc." along with "other surprise Venoms." In fact, some preview art showed Peter Parker with a symbiote taking over his face!


After "Venom, Inc." Venom will go almost directly into another crossover, as he teams up with the young X-Men of X-Men: Blue for a new story called "Poison X." The in for the X-Men is Cyclops and his space-faring father Corsair, who has dealt with the Klyntar — the symbiote race — and their homeworld before. "Poison X" is a direct follow-up to Venomverse, which concluded earlier this week, as the Poisons, a race that can bond with and dominate the Klyntar symbiotes, move to attack the homeworld.

If that's not quite enough Venom for you, Spider-Gwen will have her first direct encounter with the symbiote in a storyline called "Gwen-om," because as writer Jason Latour says, "I like puns."

That's a lot of Venom... it's almost like there's a Venom movie on the way and they want a lot of trades ready for when the movie comes out.

Look for more about Venom, Spider-Man, and Marvel Comics as New York Comic Con continues all weekend!