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New Venom trailer offers our best look yet at Tom Hardy's ruthless symbiote

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Aug 4, 2018, 12:50 PM EDT (Updated)

Eddie Brock's back in a new trailer for the standalone Venom movie from Sony Pictures, which is currently hoping to set up its own Spider-Man cinematic universe. Zombieland's Ruben Fleischer directs the film, whose plot is inspired by classic comic book storylines from the 1990s like "Lethal Protector" and "Planet of the Symbiotes," in which Venom was more of an antihero/good guy than a straight-up villain. 

The latest trailer uses the antihero thing to its full advantage, declaring, "The world has enough superheroes." This is certainly a meta nod to the fact that the market is currently saturated with films from the MCU and DCEU. Comic book characters are the proverbial flavor of the month, so it's time to start getting a bit creative and subversive with the genre. 

Watch the trailer below:

In all honesty, Sony should have led with this trailer from the get-go, even if it meant waiting for the special effects to be done until late July. It offers the most (and best) look at the iconic, sharp-toothed symbiote, whose ruthless movements and manner of speaking are enough to send a genuine shiver down your spine.

And there's also the likely chance we got our very first look at Riot, an extremely remorseless symbiote, who made his debut in the "Lethal Protector" storyline. In the comics, Carlton Drake experimented on Eddie Brock/Venom, birthing several symbiotes in the process. One of them bonded with Drake's mercenary, Trevor Cole, turning him into Riot. He and his fellow "symbiote siblings" were defeated by Brock and Peter Parker (aka Spider-Man) in San Francisco. 

Getting back to the trailer, however, there's that perfect gag at the end, when Eddie stops a convenience store robbery as Venom. After supposedly eating the assailant, he looks at the terrified store owner and nonchalantly says: "I have a parasite. Night, Mrs. Chen!" 

When the first trailer dropped back in February, fans were upset at the clear lack of the title character. The second preview rectified this and gave audiences their first good look at the Eddie Brock symbiote while surpassing the trailers for Wonder Woman and Doctor Strange as the most-viewed trailer debut

The movie stars Tom Hardy, Michelle Williams, Scott Haze, Reid Scott, Jenny Slate, Riz Ahmed, and Woody Harrelson. 

Venom swings into theaters Oct. 5.

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