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Venom's new trailer gives us a scary good glimpse of Tom Hardy's alien symbiote

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Apr 24, 2018, 6:08 PM EDT (Updated)

Two months ago, the first teaser for Sony’s upcoming Venom movie had a distinct lack of Venom. Fans barely even got a chance to see Tom Hardy as Eddie Brock, but the absence of the alien symbiote was all anyone could talk about. However, the Venom symbiote has finally been revealed, and it should make comic book fans very happy.

Sony sought to allay any trepidation fans have toward this movie by dropping a new Venom trailer at CinemaCon. Perhaps the biggest standout moment came when the symbiote formed around Hardy's body as they said the iconic "We are Venom" line to a very frightened thug. The appearance of the Venom suit appears to be very true to the comic, complete with menacing teeth and a very active tongue. The footage offered some additional hints about the story, and once again introduced viewers to Michelle Williams’ Ann Weying, Eddie Brock’s ex-wife from the comics.

The trailer portrays Brock as a crusading journalist who runs up against a powerful industrialist who is using the symbiotes for his own purposes. It also confirms the presence of multiple symbiotes within the story, as well as offering up an extended glimpse at the dynamic between the symbiote and Brock. The symbiote truly has a mind of its own, and it doesn't always see eye to eye with Brock.

However, when Brock and the symbiote are on the same page, their union as Venom appears to make them nearly unstoppable. In some parts of the trailer, the symbiote seems to be doing all of the hard work while Brock can barely follow its actions from one moment to the next. Brock and the symbiote will have to work on their bond if they come across someone more dangerous. At this point, we can't rule out a Carnage appearance!

Venom will be released on Friday, October 5. What do you think of the new trailer?

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