Versace launches fashion line (really) inspired by Tron

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Dec 14, 2012, 4:09 PM EST

If Versace has its way, we'll all soon be looking like Bruce Boxleitner zipping around on a light cycle wearing head-to-toe CGI neon. When the Italian fashion label unleashed its new collection in Milan this week, its runway models were wrapped in luminescent fiberglass like something out of Tron, as well as in outfits that drew inspiration from William Gibson's Neuromancer and Terminator.

Adam Tschorn of the Los Angeles Times obviously didn't care for the look: "I've noticed a pattern over the last eight seasons covering the men's runway collections: The quality of the opening laser light show is inversely proportional to that of the collection that immediately follows it. And, on Monday, Versace put on one hell of a light show."

For more of Versace's sci-fi-inspired menswear (and more of Tschorn's fashion snark), check out the Los Angeles Times.

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