Veteran genre director Vincenzo Natali tapped for Tremors pilot with Kevin Bacon

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Aug 22, 2017, 10:50 PM EDT

If you had any concern that the Tremors TV series would fall through, here is another step toward the show becoming a reality: A director has been named to shoot the pilot, and he is well known in horror/sci-fi circles: Vincenzo Natali.

Natali's directorial debut was 1997's Cube, in which a bunch of people are locked into a (seemingly) never-ending, booby-trapped labyrinth. Also in the feature space, he directed Splice (2009), Haunter (2013), and a segment of The ABCs of Death 2. On the TV side, Natali has directed episodes of Hannibal, Westworld, Orphan Black, The Strain, Luke Cage, and American Gods.

The Tremors TV series reboots the film franchise 25 years later, with the Graboid worms returning to Perfection, Nevada. Kevin Bacon reprises his role of Valentine McKee, back to save Perfection again -- if he can overcome age, alcohol, and a "delusional hero complex," according to Deadline.

The pilot is being written by Andrew Miller (The Secret Circle), who was an actor before he began writing, and starred in Natali's Cube. Blumhouse TV and Universal Cable Productions are producing the series, which will air on SYFY. As it is still just a pilot, with no commitment for additional episodes, there is no potential air date as of now.