V/H/S horror shorts return, this time on Snapchat

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Jan 25, 2021, 4:52 PM EST (Updated)

Found footage horror has been tingling spines for years, with one of the notable examples being when The Blair Witch Project convinced a generation that people really made the tape they were watching.

And 2012's V/H/S, still streaming on Hulu, with its framing narrative of some folks breaking into a house to steal a particular videotape (taping themselves all the while, natch), and then watching a bunch of increasingly horrifying tapes in order to figure out which one to steal, built upon that, creating a framework for a horror short franchise that has so far spawned two sequels and a spin-off film.

But now the franchise has branched out to a new medium, social media, as V/H/S horror shorts return, this time on Snapchat.

The first of the four new shorts launches on October 28 with one new short released each day leading up to Halloween. The micro-horror films will be debuting on Snapchat's Snap Originals platform, and are titled "The Nest," "Rearview Window," "Stray Dog," and "First Kiss." "The Nest" is written by Ben Franklin and Anthony Melton, "Rearview Window" and "Stray Dog" are directed by Gustavo Cooper and written by Ben Powell. And "First Kiss" is written and directed by Emily Hagins.

Snapchat launched it's Snapchat Originals earlier this month, and a snippet of V/H/S can be seen in this promo video:

Remember that old horror story line from the days of landlines? "The call is coming from inside the house..." Now it's coming from inside the phone.