VIDEO: 1st look at Joseph Gordon-Levitt in Dark Knight Rises

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Dec 15, 2012

For the past few weeks, lots of photos and video have "leaked" from the set of The Dark Knight Rises. And just when you think it's over ... there's more! We've found some behind-the-scenes footage that gives us our first look at Joseph Gordon-Levitt. And you won't believe what he's up to.

Gordon-Levitt was spotted shooting a scene on what's supposed to be a snowy day in the city. In the video, the actor is carrying a gas can and walking toward the Batmobile as it slowly drives away. What's that all about? Who's in the car? Or is this one of those instances where it steers itself?

The last time we checked, Gordon-Levitt's character was described as a beat cop named John Blake who works closely with Commissioner Gordon (Gary Oldman). Perhaps he's pulled into Batman's vigilante web and is helping the Caped Crusader out?

Were there this many behind-the-scenes leaks from The Dark Knight or even Batman Begins?

The Dark Knight Rises opens in theaters everywhere July 20.

(via CInema Blend)

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