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Video: All the great stuff we saw at Las Vegas' Star Trek Convention

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Aug 10, 2017, 9:13 AM EDT

This year's Star Trek Convention in Las Vegas was a big one, celebrating the 50th anniversary of the original series. The convention, which ran from August 2-6, featured wall-to-wall cosplay, hours of Trek-related panels, fan experiences, and parties into the night.

There was too much fun for us to cover in one video, but I think we got the basics. We hung out with some cosplayers; took a nap with some Tribbles; checked out props and costumes from The Next Generation; and of course, spoke with some of the stars of Trek.

Things got existential when we spoke to Daniel Davis, who played Professor James Moriarty in Star Trek: The Next Generation, and Robert Picardo, who played Dr. Lewis Zimmerman in Star Trek: Voyager and asked them how to know if we are on the holodeck. Then we brought over Aron Eisenberg and Max Grodenchik, who played Nog and Rom, respectively, in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. The pair helped us out with a cosplayer who didn't think she would be accepted into Starfleet.

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