This video breaks down how the Ghostbusters did $23 million worth of damage to NYC

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Jan 10, 2014, 10:39 AM EST (Updated)

Saving the world from paranormal events ain't cheap on the taxpayer.

Do you remember how, in Ghostbusters 2, the whole gang was in a bit of a bad way after saving the world from Gozer? The reason, at least in part, was because New York City was suing them for the damages that event caused.

If you were a kid at the time the Ghostbusters movies were a huge phenomenon, that kind of humor would have sailed right over your head. But good news! Our society is still oppressively litigious! 

Enter our old buddies at Cinema Sins, who usually count, well, the sins of bad movies. This time, though, they go through the entirety of Ghostbusters in order to calculate the expenditures and damages throughout the film. In 1984, you're looking at about $10 million. But, what about 2014? Woof! 23 million big ones.

Really, this just reminds us that:

  • A.) It costs a lot of money to rent in NYC.
  • B.) Living in the outer boroughs is probably best if you want to avoid really expensive almost apocalypses.
  • C.) The flowers are still standing.

(via Kotaku)