VIDEO: Comic creators on the super hero slugfests they'd like to see

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Apr 27, 2016, 6:13 PM EDT

With Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice already having hit the cineplex, Captain America: Civil War on the horizon and Marvel launching a new Civil War comics run, superhero-vs.-superhero throwdowns are all the rage. And while we've seen plenty of them over decades of comics history, there's always fertile ground in taking costumed icons and pitting them and their powers against each other. 

Fans and readers have their dream matchups, but we wanted to know what the people actually making comics thought. So, at the recent WonderCon, we caught up with some of the bigger names writing and drawing comics today to ask them what throwdown they'd like to work on. Superman vs. Green Lantern? Wolverine vs. Batman? Wonder Woman vs. Sailor Mars? All these and more await in the below video. Check it out: