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Video Game Heroine of the Month: Amaterasu, Okami

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Aug 7, 2018, 12:00 PM EDT

Capcom's fantastic and breathtaking action RPG Okami is coming to Nintendo Switch on August 9. In preparation for the beautiful game's debut on Nintendo's popular handheld, we've got another edition of our Video Game Heroine of the Month series.

Every month, we explore one of the coolest women in gaming here at Fangrrls, and August is now upon us, so what better time to introduce a new character? This time around, the star of Okami, Amaterasu, gets a turn in the spotlight. 

Amaterasu (nicknamed Ammy) is a gorgeous white wolf with crimson markings. Yeah, yeah, she's not even human. Does it matter, though? She's still a Boss with a capital B, don't you worry about that. She's the sun goddess of the land of Nippon, reincarnated to face off against the evil Orochi, a goddess who originally protected humanity while watching over it from the Celestial Plains. She may seem like Rover's girlfriend to you, or some random cuddly pet to keep at your side, but she's so much more. Don't ever relegate her to typical "man's best friend" status! 

Her Celestial Brush (read: her tail) allows her to obliterate vicious demons by way of fireballs, cherry bombs, and other special powers, while she can also make the sun rise, repair broken structures and objects, and even make plants bloom.

You're actually directly responsible for making all this happen by manually drawing circles, tracing shapes, and performing other Celestial Brush maneuvers to proceed further in the game. It's a pretty awesome concept, and one of the many reasons Okami is still so much fun to play. 

With all of these useful talents, Ammy is still very much a hound that we love to watch do her thing, even if that means she's digging for treasure or panting just like our favorite four-legged friend might after a quick sprint outside. 

She's still the embodiment of grace and wisdom, even though it can be difficult to understand what she's saying. Luckily, her ally Issun can understand and translate for her.

If Amaterasu sounds like your kind of amazing video game heroine, you're in luck, as Okami's first sojourn on the Nintendo Switch is coming up this week. If you didn't find the time to enjoy it on PlayStation 2 when it first debuted back in 2006 or one of its many ports, you'll definitely want to spend some time with the newly-portable version to meet the Sun Goddess herself. Then, make sure to come back next month for a whole new celebration of women in gaming. There are so many new faces to discover. 

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