Video Game Heroine of the Month: Android 18

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Jan 10, 2018, 1:03 PM EST

The world of Dragon Ball features its share of powerful male fighters, but it also shines the spotlight on women who can take care of themselves, too, and they can hold their own against anyone who crosses them. That's why Dragon Ball FighterZ's Android 18 is January 2018's Video Game Heroine of the Month. True, she's not just relegated to the upcoming fighting game based in the Dragon Ball universe, but her role in Dragon Ball FighterZ places her front and center, giving her room to shine as the awesome android she is.

Originally a human before she became one of the nefarious Dr. Gero's experiments, the blonde-haired beauty is more than just a pretty face. She, along with her brother Android 17, are known for terrorizing civilians and the Z Fighters during Dragon Ball Z's Cell Saga before their eventual defeat, with Android 18 ending up as Krillin's significant other and later wife, then mother to his child. She's ruthless, powerful, and possesses a deadly amount of intelligence that makes her a dangerous enemy and a powerful ally, no matter who she's working alongside.

Dragon Ball FighterZ features Android 18 as part of the story mode, which revolves around the resurrection of previously defeated Android 16, with Android 18 and Android 17 working to defeat an entire new army of androids by way of the Red Ribbon Army.

Android 18 is a welcome change from the normal female fighter archetype, with a sarcasm and wit rarely employed by other characters in the Dragon Ball universe. And while she knows she's dangerous and equally dazzling, she's in love with one of the most unlikely characters in the franchise: Krillin, with their daughter Marron following in her mom's footsteps.

Dragon Ball FighterZ isn't out just yet, but it's one of the only Dragon Ball games to prominently feature Android 18 in a lead, hero-based role thus far, and for that reason she has the distinct honor of receiving January's slot for Video Game Heroine of the Month. Keep slaying, 18. We know you've got it all, and we're totally into it. Not gonna criticize your choice in men, so hey, you do you!

Dragon Ball FighterZ releases for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on January 26.

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