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Video Game Heroine of the Month: Kara from Detroit: Become Human

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May 14, 2018, 12:01 PM EDT

Imagine an android who's tasked by an android-hating abuser with a daughter to become the little girl's caretaker. Imagine watching the young girl being subjected to repeated abuse, and the android doing anything she can to keep her from harm. That's exactly the scenario you'll be dealing with at some point in Detroit: Become Human — or at least, the first of many. 

Meet Kara, a common AX400 android voiced by and modeled after actress Valorie Curry. She's an android who belongs to the Williams family, particularly former taxi driver Todd Williams. He doesn't care for the newfangled products, but he deals with Kara because his daughter Alice needs a babysitter. One night, Kara happens upon Todd abusing Alice, and she decides to make sure it never happens again. 

Unfortunately, as we've seen in the trailers and other footage pulled from the game, Todd breaks Kara apart, then gets her repaired. When the same situation happens again, you must decide as Kara while playing the game if you're going to intervene once more or what you'll do to save the girl. 

Kara is actually able to feel real emotions, and can express independent thought, which obviously sets her apart from the other ranks of androids in the world of Detroit: Become Human. We've yet to see where her path will lead her in the full game, but you can bet that judging by the content out there already, she's got a full slate of intriguing decisions to make ahead of her — or you do, since you'll be the one controlling her, after all.

This isn't the first time we've seen Kara. Back in 2012, she was the star of a moving short film named Kara created to run on PlayStation 3 by Quantic Dream. It inspired Detroit: Become Human and followed Kara as she was being constructed by a machine. Things quickly spiral out of control as Kara realizes she has a purpose and emotions — and she begs for her life and to be allowed to live out in the world. She's an extraordinary creation, and a character that's going to tug at more than a few heartstrings. 

Despite the fact that we haven't had the chance to play through the entirety of Detroit: Become Human, we can already tell how remarkable Kara really is. What other great deeds is she capable of? What will ultimately become of her? Will she find a purpose in life beyond remaining a servant to a man who doesn't value human (or android) life in general? 

We'll find out all the answers to these questions and more when we can get a chance to get to know May's Video Game Heroine of the Month better later this month. Detroit: Become Human launches on May 25 on PlayStation 4.

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