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Video Game Heroine of the Month: Nico Goldstein, Devil May Cry 5

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Mar 12, 2019, 2:33 PM EDT

Devil May Cry 5 is finally upon us, and the latest installment in the action-packed series is one of the best the franchise has offered fans so far. It's really brought the heat in terms of characters, too, introducing a brand new strong female character in the form of Nico. Nico's won the honor of being our March 2019 Video Game Heroine of the Month, and we can't wait for you to get to meet her if you haven't already played through the game. But seriously, you should play it now. 

How do we love thee, Nicoletta Goldstein? Let us count the ways. 

Nico is the sassiest, coolest woman in the Devil May Cry universe. Bar none. Forget Trish and Lady, badasses in their own right. They can certainly hold their own in battle, but they're nothing like Ms. Goldstein. 

That's exactly why Nico was selected to receive the prestigious award of FANGRRLS' Video Game Heroine of the Month for March. Now, y'all knew we was fixin' to rustle up some recognition fer our fave engineer, right? Riiight

First, the basics, to give you a little more context. She's protagonist Nero's partner-in-crime when it comes to running the demon hunting agency known as Devil May Cry. The granddaughter of the same woman who expertly crafted series mainstay (and resident cool guy) Dante's handguns, Ebony and Ivory (Nell Goldstein), Nico is a skilled arms maker and engineer and takes it upon herself to singlehandedly replace Nero's missing demonic arm with cybernetic prosthetics that he uses in battle. From arms that let Nero literally ride on rockets he launches through the air to replicas of Mega Man's Mega Buster, she can do it all. Perfectly. 

Devil May Cry 5 - Nicolette

Credit: Capcom

But she's super humble about it, endlessly curious, and always excited about the work she does. She can be seen lighting up a cigarette or tinkering away on some new kind of weapon in her workshop. She's not afraid to berate Nero if he's doing something stupid, either — designed that way by director Hideaki Itsuno to set her apart from the pack. In a word, she's unique. Unafraid. Unlike any other woman we've seen in the games before. 

This cheeky girl with a likable Southern dialect (and hilariously foul mouth) is someone you come to know throughout the game like a cooler older sister. She's clad in a coverall crop top, jean shorts, and a heaping helping of tattoos that look awesome juxtaposed against her ever-present gloves and tool belt. Pair that with a winning smile, a thick shock of curls, freckles, and glasses, and she's the cool friend you wish you had and also the woman you wish you were. 

But one of the most enviable things about her is her willingness to take care of her friends and come to their aid, no matter what — evidenced when she floors it in her hulking van and comes crashing through walls (and below them) to get to Nero when he gives her a call.

Even at her own personal risk, she's down to assist, and despite her somewhat unfortunate upbringing and penchant for being a bit of a rebel, she's managed to grow up into an amazing and reasonably well-adjusted person. Don't assume you know her type and write her off because she's heavily tattooed, brash, or unapologetically herself. All of those things? That's what makes Nico special. And she really deserves more time in the game's spotlight than she gets, but that's a story for another time. Today, we celebrate. 

All we want to know is when we'll get our own Nico-centric Devil May Cry spin-off, a la Bayonetta, someday. Probably not, but we can dream. And dream we will, because Nico is one of the best characters we could have hoped to receive in 2019, or March, at the very least. 

Devil May Cry 5 is available now on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. 

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