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Video Game Heroines of the Month: Chloe Price and Max Caulfield from Life is Strange: Before the Storm

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Mar 6, 2018, 6:01 PM EST

One of Life is Strange's most popular character duos' stories is coming to an end this month with the debut of the Life is Strange: Before the Storm bonus episode, and we're going to miss Max Caulfield and Chloe Price dearly. This is the final episode that will comprise the Life is Strange: Before the Storm season, and the torch is now being passed back to the original Life is Strange developer, Dontnod Entertainment, for work on an entirely new set of adventures under the Life is Strange banner. The "Farewell" episode brings us back to a special time in Chloe and Max's friendship, before everything seemed to fall apart. 

Max and Chloe are some of the most believable friends in the realm of video game narratives, and they get their much-deserved time together this month. For that, they are March's Video Game Heroines of the Month, thanks to the release of "Farewell," out now on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. 

Maxine "Max" Caulfield (voiced by actress Hannah Tells, who returns to reprise her role) was Chloe Price's best friend growing up. Previous Chloe voice actress Ashly Burch returns to bring her talents to the character. Max and Chloe were inseparable and one of the best examples of a true female friendship in gaming, exemplified by their misadventures and how well they get along. You don't see any of Max in the Before the Storm episodes, but Chloe speaks of her fondly often, even if it's just to be sarcastic and mean, demonstrating how deep the bond between the two actually was before Max had to move away to Seattle with her parents. 

They both have their bright spots and weaknesses, showcased brilliantly throughout the Life is Strange episodes and the Before the Storm prequel, but we never truly got a chance to see how the two interacted during their heyday as best friends until "Farewell." It's great to see them really, truly getting along again and thinking back to their carefree childhood days. 

If you've followed Max and Chloe from the beginning of the Life is Strange story, you'll know how important it is to really see them play and get along together just like they did when they were growing up. The new episode will really bring things full circle, and you'll likely see more than a little of yourself in their pairing. And if you don't have a friendship like theirs, hopefully it'll inspire you to find one that matters to you just as much, or maybe there's one in your future.

Life is Strange: Before the Storm's "Farewell" is available now as a standalone download or along with the Before the Storm season pass. When you finish that, make sure you don't miss the original excellent Life is Strange five-episode narrative. 

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