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Video games: Bruce Campbell returning as Ash Williams; Spyro pushed to November; Pokemon GO adds legendaries

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Aug 17, 2018, 3:06 PM EDT

The world of video games was shaken to its very foundation with our latest collection of gaming news. Spyro fans are having their patience tested, Bruce Campbell returns to his most iconic role, and Pokémon GO adds some rare pocket monsters. Put down that controller and/or joystick for a moment and check out what's new in the following roundup...

While actor Bruce Campbell is pretty much done with playing the Evil Dead's Ash Williams onscreen, his retirement won't extend toward voicing the character in video games. According to an exclusive report from Bloody Disgusting, Campbell will be providing his voice and likeness for an Evil Dead game, a project whose contractual requirements preceeded the cancellation of Ash vs. Evil Dead

“I have previous obligations I have to fulfill," he said. "They are doing a video game. A whole immersive kind of dealio. I’ll be Ash for that, because I wouldn’t want someone else’s voice hamming it up.”

Like the old saying goes, "You can take the Bruce out of the Ash, but you can't take the Ash out of the Bruce." Campbell may be finished with any live-action depcition of Mr. Williams, but he's still protective of a persona he's been associated with for the last 35 years. 

For those of you looking forward to the remastered Spyro trilogy, you'll have to wait just a bit longer, as the release has been pushed off by two months. Developer Toys for Bob broke the news on the Activision blog, writing:

"We're deeply committed to getting these games right, so we’ve decided to move the release date of Spyro Reignited Trilogy to November 13, 2018. I really hoped that you would be rescuing dragons and scorching Rhynocs sooner, but the Trilogy needs more love and care. In November when you’re exploring the Dragon Realms, Avalar and the Forgotten Worlds, we know you’ll agree the extra time was worth the wait."

The message was written by Paul Yan, the Co-Studio Head of Toys for Bob, which is owned by Activision. With beautifully updated graphics, the Reignited Trilogy comprises HD versions of Spyro the Dragon (1998), Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage! (1999), and Spyro: Year of the Dragon (2000).

When the project was first announced in early April, Yan said:

"We've poured a lot of love into making the personalities and worlds feel just like fans remember them, while also keeping the game collection surprisingly fresh with lush, high-definition detail. We're bringing back the Spyro we all fell in love with 20 years ago."

And finally, it's time to stock up on Master Balls, because two new legendary Pokemon have been added to Pokemon GO: Celebi and Regirock.


Credit: Pokemon GO

The time-traveling pocket monster known as Celebi (first introduced in the Pokemon Gold and Silver titles for the Game Boy Color) becomes available August 20, the Pokemon GO website announced. Celebi's appearance has drawn out other Pokemon from the Johto region, although no more details were shed on that front. A free Celebi T-shirt will also be up for grabs in the Style Ship. 

Another legendary Pokemon out for capture is Regirock, the Golem-like creature that first debuted in the Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire games for the Game Boy Advance. One of three "Regis" (Registeel and Regice already appeared in Pokemon GO) Regirock is only available for a limited time in Raid Battles at Gyms until Sep. 20. 


Credit: Pokemon GO

"Regirock can be caught only with the Premier Balls you earn from defeating it, so you'll need your Pokémon to perform well in battle to maximize your chances. You can participate in Raid Battles even if you're not high-level or if your Pokémon aren't the strongest, but you'll have an easier time if you prepare," says the website.

It is strongly advised that you use a Water, Grass, Fighting, Ground, or Steel type against Regirock, as it is weaker against all of them.