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Video games: Hitman 2 rumbles in the jungle, Spider-Man PS4 unlocks Homecoming suit, and more!

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Jun 18, 2020, 3:50 PM EDT (Updated)

In our latest video game roundup, we go hunting for the cartel, Pokemon, and the latest superhero fashions. What's wrong with the last one? Obviously, you gotta change your uniform sometime! Okay, let's get down to it...

First up, there's a brand-new gameplay trailer for Hitman 2, which is set in the remote jungles of Colombia. Agent 47 is directed to take out three major lieutentants of a massive cocaine operation, and he's gonna need to get creative if he's gonna succeed in his mission. No joke, he actually hits a dude in the head with a package of cocaine. That's an awesome game mechanic, right there!

Of course, you could be boring and use a gun, a hammer, or even your own hands. However you decide to murderlize these drug producers and traffickers, just make sure you aren't detected by anyone in the cartel-controlled village of Santa Fortuna (or "St. Fortuna" in English).

Watch the trailer:

Hitman 2 goes on sale Nov. 13.

Next up, we head over to the New York City on display in Marvel's Spider-Man for the PlayStation 4, where diligent players have figured out a way to unlock the costume worn by Tom Holland in Captain America: Civil WarSpider-Man: Homecoming, and the start of Avengers: Infinity War.

According to GameSpot, this high-tech version of Underoos is labeled as "The Stark Suit" within the game and has the capability to release a drone called the "Spider-Bro." These helpful little drones fly around Peter and zap enemies with electricity, rendering them temporarily paralyzed so that they can be brought to justice.

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Credit: Marvel Studios/Disney

To unlock this coolest of costumes, all you have to do is reach level 10 and have a collection of five tokens: one base, one research, and three crime. Once you've reached these goals, go to the suits menu, head for the eighth option on the list, and voila! You're now running around and saving the day on Tony Stark's dime.

Players can also achieve Peter's original MCU Spidey outfit (a red hoodie and blue sweatpants) by finding every hidden backpack in the game.

Lastly, we'd like you to meet the newest Pocket Monster to hit the scene in Pokémon GO, Meltan!

Resembling a mix between Ditto and an Unknown, this Pokémon began to show up for brief periods of time in players' apps over the last few days, confounding even the most hardcore fans. Many suspected that it was some sort of evolved Ditto, but today the official Pokémon YouTube account released a video, revealing that this is an entirely new Pokémon that is both mythical and never-before-seen.

The video involves a young trainer video conferencing with Professor Oak, asking for some help in identifying the new creature he has spotted. Oak reveals that he's never seen such a Pokémon, but concludes that it is indeed a Meltan.

Discover Meltan for yourself below:

Since Oak doesn't know too much about the newly discovered beast, there's no specific information given on its type or abilities. The reveal video ends with a "To Be Continued," as the trainer states to no one in particular that more fieldwork is necessary if he is to unlock the mysteries of Meltan.

There's always the chance that Meltan could be one of the featured lengedary types in the next two Pokémon games. These eighth-generation titles will be available for the Nintendo Switch, either late this year or sometime in 2019.

And lastly, retro-focused company AtGames made two big announcements today. 

The first concerns the release of the Legends Flashback console, which comes with 50 games already built in. The package, which includes two six-button controllers, comes with such classic titles as TetrisGalaga1942BurgerTimeDig DugGhouls ‘n GhostsMega Man, and Super Street Fighter II: The New Challengers.

“This new value-priced console features a truly legendary collection of iconic games,” said Dr. Ping-Kang Hsiung, CEO of AtGames, in an official release. “With its large selection of the best classic arcade and home games in glorious high definition, along with its two included six-button controllers, the family fun never has to end.”

Legends Flashback 3D Box and Console

Credit: AtGames

The second announcement had to do with Blast!, a family-friendly "series of HDMI dongle and wireless controller," which comes bundled with 20 iconic games. The version you purchase will determine what titles you get. Those available include: CentipedeMillipedeYars’ RevengeAdventureAsteroidsMissile CommandBreakoutPongWarlordsPitfall!H.E.R.O.River RaidBurnin’ Rubber, Jungle HuntPac-ManGalaga, and Dig Dug.

“This upcoming range of products represents an unprecedented value for families and gamers of all types,” said Ping-Kang Hsiung. “With a wide selection of innovative, expandable HDMI dongle and wireless controller products with fun-to-play games of every type, there’s truly something here for everyone.”

2018 AtGames Blast line

Credit: AtGames

Both the Legends Flashback console and Blast! bundles go on sale at major retailers Oct. 1. The Flashback will cost $59.99, while the Blast! dongles will range between $19.99 - $39.99.

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