VIDEO: Gene Yang and Dan Jurgens on Rebirth's big changes for Superman

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Apr 20, 2016, 12:06 PM EDT

Beginning in June, the pre-New 52 Man of Steel will return to Metropolis as part of DC Comics’ "Rebirth." The story will play out in Action Comics, which will now publish twice a month, and the new writer will be heralded Superman scribe/artist Dan Jurgens. He will be working alongside the art team of Patrick Zircher, Tyler Kirkham and Stephen Segovia.

 In case you haven’t been reading Superman: Lois and Clark,  that title has Kal-El (the pre-Flashpoint version) living in secret along with his wife Lois Lane and their son, Jon. When Action Comics returns with issue #957, he’ll once again take his place as Metropolis’ greatest hero. Of course, that’s a problem for the current ‘Superman’ – Lex Luthor. 

The pre-New 52 Superman’s thoughts on his own Lex Luthor obviously make this a tough pill to swallow, and how that plays out is a big part of the Rebirth storyline. Another big storyline – what to do about the fact that Clark Kent, who was outed as Superman by Lois Lane, is out and about while there’s a Superman flying around? The creators promise a great mystery that will unfold as Action Comics barrels toward history as the first comic-book series to publish its 1000th issue, as well as the return of a major villain from Superman’s past (watch the video for details).

Meanwhile, writer Gene Yang is about to debut a landmark new Super-book.

New Superman features a brand-new character wearing the iconic S on his chest – Kenan Kong is a Chinese-born teenager who somehow inherits the great powers of Superman – and the overwhelming responsibility attached to it. How Kenji handles this massive change will be a huge part of the story. So will the immigrant aspect of Superman’s story that has become more pronounced in recent years as creators have tackled the duality of Kal-El’s place in our world. Yang himself dipped into these waters last year as writer of the primary Superman title.

Yang said the impetus for this new version of Superman came from an idea DC Comics co-publisher Jim Lee had. One more thing: The character’s name originally was to be Kenji Kong, but Yang changed it shortly after it was announced because, as he wrote in a recent essay, he decided a Chinese character should not have what is a common Japanese name.

Watch this video interview Blastr recently conducted with Dan Jurgens and Gene Yang at WonderCon about their new assignments on the Superman books.