VIDEO: How CGI zombies made Walking Dead's finale more terrifying

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Dec 17, 2012

We love The Walking Dead's gruesome, practical zombie effects, but sometimes fake blood and prosthetics just aren't enough. Sometimes you need large-scale changes, and for that you go CGI. Check out this behind-the-scenes video documenting how the Walking Dead crew used CG zombies to "enhance the threat" of the season-two finale.

Warning: There are a couple of minor SPOILERS for the end of season two here, so if you're not caught up you might want to proceed with caution.

Remember how chaotic that season finale was? A herd of walkers descended on the farm, leaving Rick and his crew to grapple with a seemingly endless stream of zombies until they had no choice but to abandon their old home in search of a new one. While much of the zombie-killing in the climactic sequence was thanks to the gore FX wizards who've been grossing us out since episode one, some of it was courtesy of visual FX supervisor Victor Scalise and his crew.

In this brief video, Scalise goes over several shots from the season finale and reveals how CGI zombies added to the threat Rick and company faced. He also reveals how the visual FX team built our first glimpse of a key location for season three: the prison.

Oh, and speaking of season three, Scalise didn't spill any new plot details for us, but he did make a promise of more zombie violence headed our way.

"We did a lot of killing last season, and this season we're doing a lot more," he said.

Check out the video:

(Via CinemaBlend)