This video outlines everything wrong with the original RoboCop even though it's a perfect movie

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Feb 4, 2014, 3:16 PM EST

There are things wrong with RoboCop?

Usually, I have a real love affair with CinemaSins "Everything Wrong With..." series. And while this latest offering, where they pick apart one of the greatest sci-fi masterpieces of all time, RoboCop, is plenty funny, it shouldn't really be called "Everything Wrong With...". They should start a new series and call it "This movie is amazing, but let's make fun of it anyway."

As proof, I present to you, Exhibit A:

There are some good bits in here. Certainly a Salacious Crumb reference is never unwelcome. Some of these are nitpicking, though. I mean, who has a problem with sexy co-ed bathrooms?

(via Tastefully Offensive)