Video tour of rare, 30-year-old home automation system is a peek at the 1980s retro future

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Aug 22, 2015, 10:52 AM EDT (Updated)

Several tech companies are working right now to capitalize on the home automation bandwagon, but there have actually been working systems on the market for decades. Here’s a walk-through of the future of home automation, circa 1985.

All these years later, YouTube user Avboden still has a working home automation system, and it is awesome. The system features a surprisingly in-depth and intuitive user interface, complete with that vintage green text and a working touchscreen (really!). The owner does a full walk through of the system and its functionality, which includes temperature scheduling, a blueprint of the home, lighting and appliances settings and even communications and security.

Even cooler? The system allowed for call-in control, meaning if this system had a telephone board, the owner could input commands remotely. Thirty years ago. In 1985.

What stands out most about this nifty peek at mostly-forgotten vintage technology is the fact that it has as much — or more — functionality as most modern-day systems. Of course, the system here was likely insanely expensive at the time, and is essentially built into the bones of the home. But if the technology existed 30 years ago, it begs the question: Why don’t I live in a home George Jetson could be proud of?

Check out the vintage home automation system in action below:

(Via Gizmodo)

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