Video: Wrapping up Day 3 at San Diego Comic-Con

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Jul 23, 2017

San Diego Comic-Con is at its busiest on Saturday—and so are we. But we managed to pry two of our editors, Mike Avila and Cher Martinetti, away from their work to tell you about their favorite people and properties on Day 3 of the convention.

Avila said that although he was excited about the Justice League trailer and info about the upcoming DC movie, it was overshadowed by news of the Wonder Woman sequel and of Flashpoint. He also talked to the cast and crew of Happy!, the upcoming Syfy series that will be starring Patton Oswalt.

Martinetti said she’s looking forward to Season 2 of Stranger Things, whose new trailer was “chock full of nostalgia goodness,” and she enjoyed her interview with the cast of The Expanse. She was also looking forward to news about Thor: Ragnarok.

See it for yourselves:


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