VIDEO: X-Men fans of New York on why they love Marvel's mutants

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May 27, 2016, 11:30 AM EDT (Updated)

Marvel's X-Men struck a chord with comics fans when they debuted in the 1960s, and they've had a long run as one of the publisher's most popular creations. The 1990s animated series launched a whole new wave of enthusiasm for Professor X and his mutant students, and the success of Bryan Singer's first X-Men film in 2000 arguably can be cited as the genesis point for our current superhero cinema boom. Simply put, people are way into the X-Men.

But why? To find out, we hit the streets of New York City to chat up some X-Men fans about why they've come to love the characters, the comics, the cartoon and the films. What we found were personal stories that demonstrated the different ways people can come to care about pop culture, and the ways in which these creations can touch those who come in contact with them.

Check out their stories in the video below, and share yours in the comments.

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