Video: Before you see the movie, we rank the Top 20 members of the Suicide Squad

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Aug 3, 2016

Though the film version of Suicide Squad only focuses on a few reformed villains, the real-life Task Force X has had a boatload of members over the years. So, who was the cream of the evil crop?

From Plastique to Harley Quinn, and all the Black Mantas in between, we break down the Top 20 Suicide Squad members. From their first appearances to all the weird canon and backstories you probably forgot existed, we have you covered. All the deaths, resurrections, bizarre love connections (for real) and attempted Pope assassinations (Really, Deadshot? C’mon, man) are recapped in gloriously geeky detail here.

So, before you check out the film version this weekend (and your mileage apparently may vary greatly on that one), check out our ranking below and let us know who you think is the greatest Suicide Squad member of all time:

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