VIDEO: Does AC/DC make Star Wars better, or vice versa?

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Marc Bernardin
Dec 15, 2012

It's an eternal question (no one ever thought to ask before), but one of the entries to the First Annual Star Wars Music Video Festival answers it with a heaping dose of "Thunderstruck."

Looking at the other entries in the Star Wars Music Video Festival—which is a real thing, with prizes and everything—most seem to be either soft-focus montages of Anakin and Amidala set to treacly ballads or collections of explosions and lightsabers with pounding drum-and-guitar backing tracks.

But this one, by Swedish YouTube user kalleanka71, shows both inspiration and craft and a distinct lack of footage from the prequels.

If it were our competition, this would win. Then again, we're suckers for Australian guitarists in schoolboy uniforms.

(via Pop Candy)