Video: Lost's Oceanic 815 crash in real time, a la 24

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Dec 14, 2012, 4:09 PM EST

OK, so you know Oceanic flight 815, that airplane that crashed on that weird island on ABC's Lost?

Well, you know there was a bunch of stuff happening all over the place as it came down, and one enterprising fan has taken the various pieces of film from various episodes and strung them all together, a la Fox's 24, to come up with a 10-minute, real-time version of events just as the plane was coming apart in the sky. At crucial moments, the events occur on split screen to let you see what was going on simultaneously. It's extremely well done.

We'd actually like to see the entire show—which is notorious for its time-jumping narrative style, flashing back, forward and sideways all the time—and have it laid out in chronological order just like this to make sense of the whole crazy mess, which we've been fed in bits and pieces over the last five years.

Even watching this now, it still doesn't make that much sense, which I suppose doesn't really say much about the coherence of the show and the kinds of answers we're likely to get as Lost begins its sixth and final season on Feb. 2.

What do you think?

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