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Viewers will decide who makes the Expiration Date digital pilot for SYFY

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Oct 23, 2018, 1:05 PM EDT

Time to sniff the carton of temporal milk sitting in the back of the fridge, because it’s time to talk about Mikaela Bender’s sci-fi story, Expiration Date. Published by Wattpad, the story will be adapted into a digital pilot, thanks to a partnership between Wattpad (an online community for writers to self-publish works), SYFY (the parent company of SYFY WIRE), and Tongal (a crowdsourced studio). Tongal, SYFY, and Wattpad identified three filmmakers who created trailers for Expiration Date.

Which of the three filmmakers will get to make the digital pilot is up to the audience, who will be able to view all three trailers and vote on their favorite.

Similar to the films In Time and Logan’s Run, Expiration Date is set in a future where all members of society are given a certain amount of time to live at birth—represented by an imprint in their arms.

The story’s protagonist is a girl, Iris Levine.” who literally runs out of time, an “expired” individual. Having not died at her preordained time, Iris becomes a target of the enigmatic “Society,” which rules over everyone and gets to decide their respective fates.

“I  created  Expiration  Date with the support of millions of readers on  Wattpad, who encouraged and celebrated the story as it took shape,”  said  Bender.  “It’s been an amazing journey interacting with fans around the world on Wattpad, and now seeing the story find life on a whole new medium.  I’m grateful to Wattpad, Tongal, and SYFY for the opportunity to take Expiration Date beyond words on a page to life on the screen.”

Expiration Date is the first in a two-part series on Wattpad. The wildly popular first story already garnered 16 million reads on Wattpad, making it one of the most popular pieces of fiction on the website in 2016 and 2017.

Go check out the three trailers for Expiration Date here and vote on who you’d like to see make the digital pilot.