Vin Diesel announces Riddick sequel development while dancing to Beyonce

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Jan 28, 2014, 4:08 PM EST (Updated)

Vin Diesel can't fully express how happy he is with mere words, so this time he's showing us how he feels with dance. 

If you're not one of the more than 60 million people who "Like" Diesel's official Facebook page, you're missing out on a truly unfiltered look into the star, complete with inspirational quotes, behind-the-scenes photos, often just plain weird Photoshops and, occasionally, the man himself taking some time out of his day to put on Katy Perry and Beyonce songs and dance to express his joy.

That's what Diesel did early Tuesday, when he uploaded this seven-minute video.



But this adorable little gem is more than just a major action star having fun and maybe even showing a bit of his sensitive side. Diesel actually managed to drop a little bit of news into the middle of it. See, it turns out the whole reason for this celebratory dance party was a strong DVD sales report for Riddick. Diesel famously leveraged his own house to help finance the third film in the franchise so he could make it his way, with an R rating, and the film seems to keep paying off, so much so that, while thanking fans for continuing to support the film on home video, Diesel revealed that another Riddick movie could be on the way soon.

“Guys, I’m just excited, I’m happy. And I’m calling you guys, or shouting out to you guys, to say ‘Thank you.’ Universal just called me and told me that ‘Riddick’ is number one on the DVD charts. There’s no way in the world ‘Riddick’ would have been made without you guys,” Diesel said. “Of course, Universal is also saying they want to develop the next one.”

So, if you liked Riddick, join the dance party with Diesel. And hey, even if you didn't like Riddick, watch the video. You know you can't resist Vin Diesel dancing.

(Via The Wrap)


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