Vin Diesel can't stop teasing who he's gonna play in Avengers 2

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Nov 17, 2014, 4:40 PM EST (Updated)

Vin Diesel had a meeting with Marvel, and he clearly wants to spill the beans. 

It's been just under two weeks since we heard of Diesel's surprise conference with Marvel. In that time, there's been all manner of speculation as to what they might have wanted with him. Adding fuel to that fire, Vin posted the following picture on his Facebook page:


He is quite literally standing in front of the cover to Avengers #2. And that's not all. Disel also included a caption which reads:

Marvel meeting today…

Only the people in the room can tell you what was discussed…

P.s. Thanks to Our page, for pushing to make it happen… you know I get tunnel vision with my work… and after that meeting today… wow!

So ... just how purposeful was his use of the word "vision," eh? It could be entirely incidental, but this certainly wouldn't be the first time someone suggested Vin Diesel for Vision, now, would it?

What do you think? Are we tilting at windmills here, or is Vin Diesel trying to tell us something?

(via Bleeding Cool)