Vin Diesel posts Instagram video announcing that production on Bloodshot is officially underway

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Aug 6, 2018, 5:29 PM EDT

Angelo Mortalli is officially resurrecting his way into a theater near you, as Sony's live-action adaptation of Valiant's Bloodshot enters production with Vin Diesel in the main role (originally offered to Jared Leto) and Dave Wilson of Blur Studios (a visual effects supervisor on Age of Ultron) in the director's chair. 

Diesel announced the first day of filming with an Instagram post from Africa, where he and Wilson were standing in a gym of some sort. They were both up super early and ready to tackle the film's initial round of shoots, or, as Diesel puts it, "ready to grind."

"I'm so excited that I'm able to make movies in my life, to do what I love and try to master it every single time," says the actor. "We're so blessed, so grateful. And as you know, we'll always try to reach higher, to impress, to make you enjoy these movies even more. Thank you for believing in me. Thank you for believing in us."

Created by Kevin VanHook, Don Perlin and Bob Layton, Bloodshot debuted in 1992's Eternal Warriors #4. He began as regular soldier Raymond Garrison, who took part in a government super-soldier experiment known as Project Rising Spirit, which injected a host of nanites into his blood, giving him enhanced stamina and healing abilities. The tiny computers in his bloodstream also allow him to interact with technology and even change his shape.

Garrison's mind was wiped several times by PRS so that he could more easily be controlled. A few of his alter egos have been Angelo Mortalli and Psiot Killer. Based on the IMBD description for the film, the character will start off as Mortalli, a mobster that rises from the dead, probably due to the shady machinations of the government. Best guess is he'll probably be an unwilling participant, but eventually break free and hunt down those responsible for his death before becoming a full-on superhero. 

Bloodshot rises from the dead February 21, 2020.