Vin Diesel on why he thinks a Groot solo film is 'inevitable'

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May 3, 2017, 11:59 AM EDT (Updated)

Jut a few years ago, even the idea of a Guardians of the Galaxy film sounded like a major risk, so the idea that a talking tree would become a breakout star and then become one of the most anticipated parts of a Guardians sequel would've seemed even more far-fetched.

That's exactly what happened, though, and now that we live in a world where just about any superhero movie idea gets at least a little consideration, the concept of a Groot solo fim doesn't seem odd at all.

Sure, it's not the first Guardians spinoff you might think of, and a Rocket/Groot team-up movie sounds more likely given their dynamic, but it's certainly not out of the question. In fact, Vin Diesel, the voice of Groot, thinks it's more than just possible.

"It's something that James Gunn has talked about, and something that I know that he would love to do. Sure, I think it could be very interesting. I think it's inevitable, I think, you know, that character's so enigmatic. He was already one of the most unique characters in the Marvel Universe, and I think what Marvel has done, primarily what James Gunn has done to realize that character has exceeded beyond anyone's expectations," Diesel told MTV News.

At the moment, we have no idea where or in how many directions Marvel will head after Infinity War, so anything's possible. As for what we could see in a Groot flick, Diesel has two main areas of interest: Groot's home, and his intellectual life beyond the three simple words he says all day.

"He's just such an interesting character, and there's so much to learn about him, and you know he ... I'd love to go back to his planet and learn more about him and I think the world would. He's really a genius on a lot of levels, just we can only hear him say 'I Am Groot' because of our sophistication level, not his."

Yes, we know (and I expect Diesel does, too) that a Groot movie isn't exactly on anyone's frontburner, but the character's already carried his own solo comic. With the right supporting cast, he could carry a project on the big screen, too.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 arrives May 5.